Sunday, October 03, 2004

Hi. Well I'm writing. I have been since August almost continually. I'm trying to put the last six months into some kind of perspective. Finding words is a way of doing that although I don't expect sudden healing - writing can only go some way to healing. The poems need a lot of revision and editing.

I have been home for two weeks while my eye recovers from the op it had. As a result I've been able to spend quite a lot of time working on the poems. So I have been steadily revising the poems over the last two weeks. This is what I need to focus on now - quality of writing not quantity - although there are still some poems I need to write.

I've not been able to write about the amputations for example, or the time when I did not eat. I want to write about the incredible sense of liberation and energy I experienced after the amputations. Also I wanted to write about all the amazing visitors that came to see me in hospital. These will be hard to write but I have begun some brief notes. We'll see.

I want to get back to The Troubadour and the Merton writing group again.

If you are reading this and want to know more of what has been going on for the Loffman family over the last seven months visit