Saturday, April 15, 2006

One Hundred Words About Escape

I used to be able to escape but not any longer. When I was a child time was like a great cloak that I could wrap myself up in and hide for hours.

But now I am always visible to the world and the world is always visible to me. Time is no longer a cloak but a constant light that exposes me.

Sleep is a temporary refuge. And films have reduced to a thin flickering veil.

Sometimes I rush for the stairs where I work, each slow step lifts me out of sight, a cloak that barely hides me.


Anonymous said...

Darkness and light. I love the idea of you conjuring sunlight, and when you do isn't that a light that both hides you and makes you shine? I reckon you can be dazzling and then we have to shade our eyes!

david said...


i think the phrase 'conjuring sunlight' is an interesting one. it comes from the poem Tuesday Till Sunday -

"At last dinner.
It is Spaghetti Bolognese, conjuring
the arches of the Piazza Maggiore
in sunlight."

'sunlight is strong, natural and elemental -it contains all the connotations - including biblical of truth, reality, power, etc. the word 'conjuring' - seems artifical, a trick or a deception, as well as something magical. so an interesting contrast of artifice and the natural. perhaps fashioning and moulding, channelling the raw energy of nature??? i dunno. Maybe Jesus is the sun of light - and all of us who claim him attempt to project him into the world. yes! i like that.

when i came to write

the arches of the Piazza Maggiore
in sunlight."

I really did not know what I was writing when i first wrote those lines. There was a kind of blinding flash, without thought - a compulsion a sort of vision



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