Sunday, October 07, 2007

From The Poetry Challenge

We are in the last round of the poetry challenge. Over the year Jeff and me have posted 49 poems each to the challenge blog. Officially I think there is just one more poem to post each and that will complete the challenge.

However we have created a number of poems still in draft and we shall continue to post these to the challenge blog for a few months still to come.

Some of those will end up on this blog I expect.



Fire Light

Through the long dark years
The victors crouch over smouldering embers
While the vast and silent shadow places,
Spread to envelop them all.
Slowly they are lulled by the fire’s warmth,
The taste of victory thick in their mouths.

While the defeated ones
Scattered to cold, distant corners,
Sit hungry huddled together for warmth,
Drag yesterday’s ashes over themselves,
Their weary limbs search
For the last traces of heat
Hunched shivering in shadows.

Thin uneasy sleep invades the watchers.
The faded embers splutter, crack
Plummet distant rock walls
Stirs vague incoherent dreams
Of the dredged and dreaded, black leafed forest.

And the fire light flickers on
Bright incandescent filaments dance
Always shifting in the stale breeze
That drifts through the stone chambers
Deep down at the fire’s roots.

It is there in the fire’s deep
With fear stalking the darkness
Our waking dreams were born.

© David Loffman

07 October 2007

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