Saturday, November 17, 2007

from the Poetry Challenge Nighthawkes II

Jeff and I met to discuss the final Round of the Poetry Challenge. We agreed that two poems from this round would be in the final. We will have 8 poems in the final for this challenge. Nighthawkes II was written in an hour this morning. Although it was based on lines I'd discarded when I wrote the first Nighthawkes poem that won the first round. This poem and one of Jeff's will go forward into the final.



The empty line of the street ends here.

A glass cage café
Open onto this deserted corner.

Shrouded in blank shop facades
That dissolves in shadows.

Inside, the hard light
A shining chrome urn
Splinters the bare white walls.

Along the smooth curves of the counter
His hard hunched shoulders
Her heavy dark eyes lowered

Nameless in grey suits
and the grey blades of their trilby’s.

Among the café’s paraphernalia
And their self enclosing arms.

© David Loffman

17 November 2007

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