Saturday, March 08, 2008

Floating Felts The Forest

Here is a Floating Felt by my friend Mary-Clare Buckle, an artist living and working in Dorset.

When we visited Mary-Clare's gallery and studio recently we were overwhelmed by some of the pieces.

I love the way she fills her surfaces with stong and vibrant colours. I love the rich and sensuous textures and depth of her work. I love the intricate patterning and the strong contrasts of colours and shapes.

A Floating Felt is a fine, translucent, abstract fibre art picture, using wool and other fibres – framed by mounting between sheets of clear acrylic, giving a feeling of the piece floating in three dimensions.

I've added a link to Mary-Clare's website on the title of this blog and on the Felt.

The Forest by Mary-Clare Buckle

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