Wednesday, July 02, 2008

One Line Summer Grass

the summer grasses brown to a crust, flecked with amber, flash of red
kansus long-grassed prairie
by rita be


Anonymous said...

Hi David, my art project is like your poetry project. You say in words what I want to capture in images. You explore and frame your emtions/experiences with words, I want to do the same with photos. Looks like you have brilliantly brought the two together.

What inspired you to start up your Haiku project again? D X

David said...


I'm so pleased you like the One Line Project. Thanks so much for your comment. You are right it is very similar to the Haiku Exercises from a few years back.

I started this current project because I was all poemed out after a very intense Poetry Challenge with Jeff. The One Lines are a recovery from that. Writing about landscape was one of my first explorations into poetry.

It's great that you have an art project on the go as well. If you set it up on flickr I'll be one of your regular fans and put a link to it on this blog if you'd like!!

Come and visit again

Love to you and K

Anonymous said...

Hi David

Good to see you last night at the Troubadour & to hear your fine reading of O'Hara's poem.

Your current one line & photo remind me of my Canadian prairies, but mainly Saskatchewan.

Love, Nancy x

Anonymous said...

We do read your Blog! I really enjoy the pictures and words. They are all so wonderful I find it haard to say which one I like the most. Love - Mum

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