Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snow Melting

All across the Old Deer Park
in the grey dawn light
the scattered remains of snowmen
loom out of the frozen mist
like the ancient ruins
of a Megalithic temple.

Photograph Snow Melting by Michele Morgan


Anonymous said...

Did we ever go to Avebury together? I don't think so, when I was about 28 I kept going there with different friends. It's a really strange place which I found both magical and melancholic. I was really drawn by the way the stones seemed to tell a forgotten story of people so long ago. I love your juxtaposition of the ancient lasting stones with the momentary snowmen.

David said...

We could have gone down together. We have been several times over the years.

It is an exraordinary place. I'm also fascinated by the long avenue of stones that snake their way to the Long Barrow - about a mile out of the village. And nearby Silbury Hill.

Anonymous said...

I was the long barrow once, the second chamber, with a group of singing women (hard to believe I know) anyway, they did this resonating thing that made the whole place vibrate with sound.
Number 348 on the 'weird things I have done' list.

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