Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On the way to Glasgow

under the great grey
weight of cloud
a ferocious green

Photo On the way to Glasgow by Angelrays



Anonymous said...

Hello Dave
There is no image to go with this one as a write but I know it so well. It is when the heavy dark clouds gather and light slants in from another place, suddenly everything is hyper-real, as if stepping into another world where everything is stronger. It is like a rainbow, a reminder that things can be different.

Anonymous said...

Then again perhaps your meaning is more sinister, 'ferocious' you say. Perhaps spring is a type of revolt.

David said...

Dear P

It's the strength that I think I was referring to with the word 'ferocious'. Unrelenting, nature single mindedly going about its own business, quietly but with great power and beauty.

When we've been in the wood in Kent early June, late May, surrounded by so much green. There is somthing disturbing about it.

Stravinsky caught something of this in the Rite of Spring - I think.



to S & S


David said...
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