Friday, October 07, 2016

Patches of Light - the booklet

I spent National Poetry Day - yesterday 6 October in Kent with friends. While Alex printed  out 250 copies of a short booklet of poetry I spent the day stapling and folding the booklets.

I've produced the booklet to help raise money for a hand and foot pedal bike. If you'd like a copy then send me an email to david[ ]loffman@conjuring[ ]sun[ ]light[.]com. I've presented my address here with brackets in an attempt at foiling any non human readers of this post. Don't forget to include a delivery address for the booklet. And don't forget to delete the brackets from the address. I've suggested £4.00 a copy.

You can pay for the booklet by donating to my just giving page here

or click on the photogragh of me test driving the bike.

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