Saturday, March 11, 2006

One Hundred Words About Memory

We played music today I’ve not played since we moved in, in June – eight months ago. The children wanted to hear Laurie Anderson’s Big Science, then Eva Cassidy’s Field’s of Barley and something by Nora Jones’s.

The children balanced themselves on the sofa and danced to Anderson’s wolf howl, which startled them when I first played it to them, when they were two or three years old.

Then they quietened down. Iona curled up on my lap as we listened to Cassidy and Jones – memory filled the room. She knelt against my shoulder – remembering what we were and have lost.

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Anonymous said...

I am writing a poem today, and as you are the only real poet I know I think of you too. I fall into clichés as usual.
Eight months without music David, what do you mean? Do you mean boran and singing or do you mean as a family sitting listening?
In my mind your house is full of music, poems, books and interesting thinking. And I wish I could be there more often.
love Pam

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