Sunday, May 07, 2006

One Hundred Words About Knots

Barbican - LSO Chamber Ensemble

The first knot were the essays I had to mark this morning a knot of ink and thought and paper.

The second was an argument that flared up just before I left the house and gradually frayed out to a fragile peace as I left.

The third, were the long and tangled roads of the city that eventually drew me to The Barbican.

Then finally a fourth knot, a constant unravelling of sound that untangled all the other knots in my head. Different strands, overlapping, sometimes running, or plunging, was pulling towards or against each other out into the night.


Simon said...

poetic prose, may all your knots be at least one of these:
a. beautiful
b. unravellable
c. enlightening
d. cut-able
e. a source of poetry

Delia said...

Is this 100 words limit linked to your haiku writing?

Knot-Stephen said...

I envied the pianist who could bend so low to the audience without getting herself into a knot. And after playing at a rate of knots.

david said...


thank you for visiting and your encouragement. Give my love to P & S.

I've been looking at your photographs recently and left a few comments. Beautiful photos.


david said...

Hi Delia

Yes I suppose the One Hundred Word project is a follow up to the haiku writing.

Lovely evening on Saturday. Thank you again for dinner.

david said...

Hi Stephen

Not only a knotless bow but a knowing flow of notes, unknotable and unforgetable!

See you tomorrow


Anonymous said...

What would a poem without a knot in it look like? Do haikus have knots?

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