Monday, May 22, 2006

One Hundred Words About Tiredness

It feels as if I have lead weights in my pockets that tempt me off balance. I feel like a tent straining against guy ropes, pegs and poles and long to collapse in a heap. I stumble through the day tripping up over my words and sway as I walk. I stand in the classrooms and avoid the chairs. I drank two cups of strong coffee today. I cannot concentrate my thoughts keep drifting in a mental blur. When I lay down I cannot lie still, in the distance I hear the television and there are things still to do.


Anonymous said...

It sounds so busy.
I wish you long stretches of happy time to fill with your own thoughts.
It sounds like you are running the marathon at the moment.


david said...

Hi Pam

Thanks for your cooment. Things are beginning to ease up a little at college now. i just need time to rest and be refreshed. I'm off to invigilate in an hour.

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