Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One Hundred Words About Oxted, Surrey

We visited friends in Oxted yesterday. We had lunch and then walked down to the green. At one end a cricket pavilion and ground. At another corner a section fenced off – a playground, “for the enjoyment of all.”

On all sides of the green, the small town seemed to radiate out. On the playground side, the ninth century church with a clock tower that tolled the hours. At another corner the high street filled with small independent shops, a cinema and theatre.

Hills rise up on each side of the town.

I can see why they came here to live.


John said...

sums up my home town perfectly

bigblue said...

Hi David, I thought I would just mention that there are remains of a Roman villa in one of those hills (Titsey Hill), and the town is built on a very old route: the Pilgrims' Way.

david said...

Thanks for your comments bigblue and John. I wanted to find out the names of the hills. And I've just been teaching 'The Merchant's Tale' from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

I'm glad my one hundred words summed up the the town for you John.

Thanks to your comments I've posted a photograph to my profile and changed my About me comments.


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