Monday, May 01, 2006

One Hundred Words About A Party

Until early Saturday morning our party only partly existed in Katy’s mind and partly in mine. It also existed in all the people’s minds that were going to come, but nowhere else. We had not made any plans or preparations.

At eight we had a plan. In a hectic whirl we did supermarkets, prepared food and organized the house.

By six o’clock I was shattered. Then the first guest arrived.

It was a great evening. I welcomed people while Katy disappeared into the kitchen.

At one o’clock I sat on a sofa with Katy and my second glass of wine.


Simon said...

It was in our minds too! Sorry we couldn't be there.
Isn't it strange how you can be shattered - and then it's a great evening.

david said...


adrenalin is a strange, wonderful and mysterious thing.


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